Back-To-Dorm: How To Curate Your Closet



I haven’t experienced a more personally daunting task than having to pick and choose select items to stuff into my closet in my school apartment. No girl wants to be told that she “won’t have enough space” to fit all her clothes and shoes. Psh, no – it’ll be fine!

But once you step into your box of a room for the year, you realize that your space downsizes a lot more than you think. And the truth of the matter is that as time passes, you accumulate more clothes, whether it be from events, borrowing from friends or, of course, shopping trips.

I admit that I am no stranger to this dilemma. I pack things that I say, “Hey, you never know!” to, eventually forgetting that I brought them with me or later take one look at it, cock my head and say “LOL” to myself.

Living in the city makes this that much more of a challenge for me. For one thing, I go to fashion school, so staying on top of my #OOTD game is almost as important as making it to class on time. And when my friends and I (surprisingly) have downtime, we max out our credit cards in SoHo. 

Now going into my junior year, my style is more defined. I’ve discovered what I like, what looks good on me and what I really need for my outfits to say “Nikki Lakin.” But no matter who you are, when it boils down to the basics, this can be applied to anyone.

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